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We do things differently at TrendingOverstock.com because...


We're after your heart  

We suspect that the fastest way to a customer's heart is through their wallets - which is basically why we exist :)

You won't find us snoozing during business hours because we're busy searching the world for the best & coolest products to offer you at unbeatable prices. 

Our modestly sized team consists of a handful of life-lovers with some not-so-modest qualifications. Basically we're great at what we do and we know it, but you won't catch us bragging!

We maintain a physical presence in the USA and UK because we love to efficiently serve our American & European customers almost as much as we love the 2nd amendment and The Queen!

So here's to you, our valued customer! Wherever you're located, whatever you're looking for, we're thankful to have you online with us and are at your service.